I hope you like these fabric designs. Clicking on the individual swatches will open a page of the entire pattern. This can then be saved by right click - save picture as. Do not try to print these images directly from your browser. Please open these saved images in a program like windows paint. They can then be printed out onto fabric that has been prepared for inkjet printing.

You can prepare fabric for inkjet printing by using a product called 'Bubble jet set 2000' which can be found at or you can purchase pre-treated silk or cotton fabric at Joggles, also has pre-treated fabric sheets.

Just remember to set your printer margin settings to 0 or use the 'borderless' print mode if you have it in your printer. Experiment on paper in draft mode first.


This fabric can be used for any item you make for your personal or commercial use. You are not permitted to distribute the files themselves in any way.


Wing Designs

You can download these three separate zipped files comprising wing designs. Each zipped file contains two versions of each wing pattern, one monochrome and one outline. Feel free to print, trace or decorate these wing designs and use these for your commercial works. The files themselves cannot be distributed.


Set 1 of wing designs Set 2 of wing designs Set 3 of wing designs


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