Interacting with your 3d model using a Macintosh computer and Adobe Reader7.0.8.

Check the version of Adobe you are running by clicking on the words "Adobe Reader" at the top left of the Adobe window, and choosing "About Adobe Reader". As can be seen from the picture below, the version is 7.0.8.  At the time this tutorial has been written, this is the latest available version for Mac OSX.

Open the pose PDF that you downloaded from the Magic Sculpture pose library in Adobe Reader. You will notice that on Macs, it opens up at 250% magnification.



You need to change the magnification to one that the Macs support. I have been choosing 100% for moving the pose around, and then increasing the magnification when I want to print pictures. To change the magnification, use your cursor to select your desired magnification from the pull down to the right of the 250%.


The pose will now appear at 100%.


You need to select the pose to activate the 3d image manipulating tools. Your cursor is now an open hand. When you move it over the pose, it turns into a pointing finger hand. Click on the pose with the pointing finger cursor.


The 3d image manipulating tool bar now shows up above the image. 


The cursor may turn into the spinning beach ball of doom (otherwise known as the "waiting" cursor). When it turns into a black arrow, you can use it to move the pose. The key is patience. Position the cursor on or near a part of the pose and hold the mouse button down. After a moment, slowly move the cursor in a horizontal line to rotate the pose around an axis, stop, continue to depress the Mac button and the pose may have started moving for you. If not, release the mouse button and wait a moment to see if it is going to move. If it doesn't, try again. It moves at least 90% of the time for me working like this.

If you don't move in a strictly horizontal or vertical line, the pose will start to rotate freely in space and is difficult to position how you want.

Submitted by Pat Lillich
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